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   On Friday, April 4th, the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, we must speak as one. Dr. King gave his life because he opposed and unjust war and drew the connection to how it affected Black people at home. Dr, King said, “The day has passed for superficial patriotism. He who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery.” Dr. King and others set a standard for how we should respond to an unjust war…we must resist.

    Therefore we call on Black people from all walks of life, on April 4th, to speak with one voice in a “Day of Black Solidarity Against the War.”

    The entire Black community must speak with one voice, and demonstrate the power of Black people united. We are calling for Black Solidarity Against the War! From New York to Los Angeles, from Tallahassee to Seattle, every segment of the Black community must step forward and be counted at this critical juncture of history. On April 4th, we honor Dr. King’s sacrifice in actions: NO WORK! NO SCHOOL! NO SHOPPING!   BOYCOTT EXXON-MOBIL!

    With or without UN cover, the Bush regime is committed to a racist, unjust and imperialist war against Iraq. As Black people in America, we must join with the world-wide opposition and unconditionally oppose this war. Our struggle must be for peace, justice and reparations. We must not let the racist Bush-Cheney administration trade the lives of our sons and daughters for oil profits and world domination. We know the estimated $200 billion cost of this war will take away from badly needed social programs and jobs. We know that the US Patriot Act is being used to stifle dissent, take away civil liberties and attack worker rights. We remember the viciousness of the FBI COINTELPRO program that terrorized, imprisoned and killed activists during the 60’s and 70’s. We know that racial profiling and terror will increase as the victims of this racist war will be “dark-skinned” people in the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and Latin-America. We know this Bush-Cheney regime. Remember the Florida election fraud! We say “regime change” begins at home!

    It’s time for the national Black community to speak as one. We must let the Bush-Cheney regime know that the entire Black community opposes this racist war for oil. We must let the world know that Condolezza Rice and Colin Powell do not represent or speak for us. Today, we are too politically mature to be fooled by the presence of “Black faces in high places.”

    In all our communities, we call on Black people to continue to organize and educate our people against this war. Hold rallies, demonstrations, teach-ins, prayer services, etc., and reach out to every segment of our community. On April 4th, we must speak with one voice: BLACK SOLIDARITY AGAINST THE WAR! NO WORK! NO SCHOOL! NO SHOPPING! BOYCOTT EXXON-MOBIL!


We are urging all to support the call for "Black solidarity Against the War." please get your friends and organizations (community, trade-union,religious, student, etc.) to sign onto the call. Until the official web-site is set up, please send all endorsements and supportive statements to .