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Let Inspections Work?  Doesn’t Work for Me!
Page last updated January 30, 2003

by Bob Witanek

I must have gotten a few dozen notes from folks who are promoting the Move On / True Majority "Let Inspections Work" campaign.

We should probably decide if we are unconditionally opposed to a US war on Iraq or if there is some sort of "breach" or "failure" in the inspections - are we still opposed to a war in that case.

I believe we could be in trouble if we take that position and then the inspections "don't work" in the court of national or international opinion.
We have seen how easily that international opinion is manipulated through enticements and veiled threats from the US.

How do we back pedal into an anti-war position at that point?

The 'let inspections work' campaign concedes part of the question as to whether there really is the sort of threat posed by Iraq that demands the full attention of the international community.

It downplays the role played by economic concerns, like the $1 trillion Iraqi oil reserve.

Sanctions and bombing continue to kill Iraqi people every day!

The US has just announced a first strike nuclear weapons policy - a severe departure from past nuclear weapons doctrine. Should we be at least a little bit more focused on the weapons of mass destruction of the US? What is more of a threat - Iraqi's alleged and unproven arsenal - Iraq who has yet to shoot down a single trespasser war bomber in all these years - or the US who is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and now proclaims a first strike attack policy?!?!?

"Letting the inspections work" does nothing to reign in the nuclear war being promised by the US administration.

I believe that the inspections are working - just as the US had intended them to - to draw the US and a gang of potentially close to 100 nations that have been approached (bribed / intimidated) to join in the fray closer and closer to announcing the "breach" that the US will use to launch the full scale attack, takeover, occupation, seizure of oil, assassination of political leadership of Iraq, etc.

The US is scheduled to be fully suited for the attack by January. The inspections just bided the time and made it look like the US was showing
restraint where as in actual fact there has been relentless build up of massive forces and artillery in the Persian Gulf region the whole time.

Bush is ordering up the smallpox inoculations of over 500,000 troops (did anyone say germ warfare against American people?).

It would be a shame if we mobilize anti-war opinion to support conditional support for war (i.e. when the inspections break down). Severe damages to our efforts will result at that time.

Anyway, I imagine that there is a diversity of opinion on the matter here and am interested in your feedback on the point.

What do you think?

- Bob Witanek