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On March 5, students throughout the United States will be demonstrating their opposition to the US war on Iraq - some by way of walking out from classes and others by holding demonstrations, marches and speak out's against the US war.  The strike was initiated by the the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition http://www.nyspc.net/actions.html .  Information and support for the strike is also being provided by the National Campus Antiwar Network http://www.antiwarnetwork.org/ .

If your campus or high school is having an action against the war on March 5, please contact me ) and I will put the information here.

The following are some of the March 5 anti war activities that are planned:

Montclair State University, Rally at Noon at the Quad in front of the Montclair Student Center.  For information, contact


As tens of thousands of college and high school students refuse to attend classes in protest of the impending war on Iraq, the Montclair State community will erupt in protest of Governor McGreevey’s recent budget cuts and President Bush’s drive toward war.

RALLY : Weds. March 5th, 2003, 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Students' Center Quad, Montclair State University
Say NO to budget cuts!
Say NO to a $200 billion invasion of Iraq!
Say YES to students’ rights!

We need our tax dollars to go towards schools not war and books not bombs!

Endorsing Organizations: Arab Students Organization, WAVES (Women Achieving Victory Equality and Solidarity), Organization of Students for African Unity, International Students Organization, MSU Green Party, United Asian American Students Organization

Organized by RISE UP AND RESIST!

For more info see www.riseupandresist.com

For info on the national day of action see www.nyspc.net

Montgomery High School - Demonstrate in front of Montgomery HS Against War, 2:30 - 3:30 pm, by road.  Contact: and .  Sponsors: SPEAK OUT AGAINST US WAR ON IRAQ and
Youth Against Exploitation, War And Racism (YAEWAR)  .   Call 908-281-7873 .

Youth Against Exploitation, War And Racism (YAEWAR)
PO Box
1214, Belle Mead, NJ 08502 * 908-281-7873

For Immediate Release

Contact: Bob Witanek (908) 281-7873


A newly formed organization, initiated by students at Montgomery High School, is on the move and joining the effort to stop the U.S. war on Iraq.  Calling themselves Youth Against Exploitation, War And Racism (YAEWAR), the organization is responding to a national call to action called the “Books Not Bombs Student Strike Against the US War on Iraq.” http://www.nyspc.net/actions.html As part of that effort, students across the country are participating in coordinated action against the war on Wednesday March 5.  Actions around the country include student walk outs, speak outs, rallies, teach-ins and campus marches.  At Montgomery High School, the day will be marked by a demonstration by Burnt Hill Road in front of the high school.  The planned protest action is endorsed by SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE US WAR ON IRAQ! which is also mobilizing members of the community to join in.

Mark Rahman, founding member of YAEWAR states, “We are the youth who are being targeted by military recruiters and are being marched off to war in the Persian Gulf arena.  We are doing whatever we can to learn about US policies in Iraq.  We have learned about the hundreds of thousands, perhaps over a million, Iraqi people who have already died because of sanctions there.  We have a right and a duty to do everything in our power to stop this government from going over there and killing another half million or million people.”

Bob Witanek, founder of SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE US WAR ON IRAQ!, states “As the US administration recklessly barrels forward into the abyss of this catastrophe, a bright glimmer of hope is emerging at MHS – students are cutting through the lies and half truths of government and figuring out that the US can not go three quarters the way around the world and kill a half million or so.  My organization, SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE US WAR ON IRAQ!,intends to do everything we can to nurture and encourage the growth of the student and youth movement against the war.  Of course, I call upon parents and other adults to follow where our children lead us by joining this important demonstration.”

The newly formed group is seeking official recognition so that it can enjoy the same opportunities other student organizations have to their advantage.  Mr. Witanek, who has served as an informal advisor to the organization, has sent a letter to the entire Montgomery High School faculty seeking a teacher who can serve as an advisor to the organization in the school. Mr. Witanek states that he has been in contact with the Montgomery Police to assure the legality of the location of the demonstration.

According to Mark Rahman, “It will certainly be a big benefit to our cause to get recognition from the school administration.  However, with or without the recognition, we are arming ourselves with the truthful facts, we are conducting our own educational sessions and we are joining millions of people around the world including high school students throughout the US to change the course of history and avert the catastrophe of this war.”

In addition to the March 5 demonstration, YAEWAR and SPEAK OUT! participate in the weekly demonstration in Hillsborough each Saturday at 2 pm on the SE Corner of Amwell Road and 206, they are planning to march in Washington DC and will travel on a bus from Hillsborough on March 15, they are planning an educational event at Mary Jacobs Library in Rocky Hill at 7pm on March 20 and in the event of escalation to total war, the students with community supporters will return for another demonstration outside the high school at 2:30 pm on the day after the war is escalated or the following Monday should it occur over the weekend.

According to Mark Rahman, “Our hope is that students at other area high schools here about our efforts and start up similar movements in their schools and hold similar protest actions outside their schools.”

For more information, contact YAEWAR or SPEAK OUT! at 908-281-7873 or visit the web site of the NJ Coalition Against War on
Iraq, http://NoWarNJ.org .


Piscataway High School

My name is Sarah Howard and I am a senior at Piscataway High School. Tina Weishaus advised me to email you and let you know what I've  organized at my high school next Wednesday, and also so you could tell me how to get in touch with other anti-war student groups around the state. At Piscataway High School next Wednesday, March 5, there will be a Teach In and Open Forum Regarding the Possible War on Iraq. I have invited 4 speakers (2 to respresent each side - it is a public high school and so we have present varied views) - Meredeth Turshen (a professor of public health at the Bloustein School), a representative of Central Jersey Peace and Justice Coalition, George Blysak (a retired teacher and military official), and an aide to Rep. Mike Ferguson. We have advertised the event heavily within the school, and I am hoping for a large turnout - maybe 100 students or more. Also, I am hoping that following the event, we will find enough support to form an official club for peace and justice. My next goal is to get the Piscataway Town Council to pass an anti-war resolution. I'd love to get in touch with student who are organizing event at other high schools and share ideas.

Sincerely, Sarah Howard  

Rutgers Newark, Student "Speak Out" Against the War on Iraq.  During the free period, 2:30 to 4. Location to be announced.  Followed by meeting of Rutgers Alliance for Peace and Justice (RAPJ) in 424 Conklin.  FOr information, contact: Charlotte L. Kates ]

Please announce in classes Mon and Tues ( or send e-bulletins to your students), tell colleagues, and plan to come yourself:
    Wed. March 5 -- Student Speak-Out about the war on Iraq (and the many dimensions of the "war" on terrorism) in Robeson 2:30 to 4 (room TBA but probably one of the Multi Purpose rooms--it'll be signposted; flyers will go up next week). Besides engaging in debate and making statements at mikes, people are invited to read from their creative work. Diversity of opinion is welcomed. Faculty can read and speak too. We feel it's important to engage the local artistic community as we try to sustain public expression and debate on the critical issues facing our nation and the world.
   Faculty need to be out in force to support the students who take themselves seriously as citizens. We can learn from them too in such fora--much that doesn't get expressed in class.  By announcing and by coming, you can help students realize that important learning happens outside paid-for classes and that these larger experiences are "college."
   March 5 was chosen because it is National Students Strike for Peace Day, on the theme "Books Not Bombs."
   Thanks--Janet Larson, for RAP*J (Rutgers Acts for Peace and Justice)

Rutgers New Brunswick:

For details, contact Suman Sridhar:

The first call to usher in the BOOKS NOT BOMBS! campaign will be a rally on the steps of Brower Commons at Noon on March 5th. Musicians, poets and fellow students and faculty will use their creative voices to demand our right for BOOKS NOT BOMBS! Following this, March 6 is the  WALK OUT against McGreevy's budget cuts. Students and faculty are  encouraged to walk out of their classes in order to protest outside McGreevy's office at Trenton. Buses will leave at 11 am from College Avenue outside the student center.

Rutgers University President Richard McCormick has publicly criticized the governor's budget cuts and supports the WALK OUT on March 6. 

The Books not Bombs campaign declares that education is a right to all  people in this society. All cuts in the funding to education, and  increases in tuition cost will hurt that goal, at the primary, secondary, and collegiate level. 

The current federal military budget soars to a mind boggling $399.1  billion, while there will be an 18% increase in tuition at Rutgers University next year. McGreevy's proposed budget cuts take away $100 million from higher education. We find the huge amount of money spent  on the military for making war unjust, and we ask the simple question:   why is there enough money to go to war, but not enough money to fund our schools?

So, as a protest, we the students and teachers, artists, poets and musicians of the New Brunswick community stand together united against the exorbitant military spending for war.

We call on Governor McGreevy to restore funding to public schools to the level it was before he took office, and to continue to increase the amount of aid each year.

Also, we call on President Bush to reduce the spending on the military, and instead focus our society on education. We stand together to promote education and resist militarism in our society, and to tell our leaders, we want BOOKS NOT BOMBS!