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Stop the Budget Cut Of 100,000 Adults from Family Care Health Insurance
& Demand Health Care Coverage for All!

Protest, Tuesday

May 27th 10:30 am
Statehouse Steps


             The Governor and State Legislature want to balance the budget by cutting 100,000 working adults from Family Care Health Insurance.  With wages too low to purchase insurance, and bosses refusing to provide it,  hard working men and women will have no health care at all!  Many will die, preventable diseases will go untreated, and jobs will be lost as a result.  If parents donít have health care it affects the whole family.  If this cut goes through next year the entire program will be in danger.  Premiums will go up for others as the state refuses to reimburse hospitals and other providers.

            In New Jersey there are corporations and super wealthy individuals who do not pay, or who underpay their taxes: Make them pay!.  $1.5 billion is given to huge bondholders for debt service (interest) tax-free.: cancel this for 1 year! Federal aid to the state is being slashed while 60% of the federal budget is for war and goes to profit making military contractors. Our state legislators should demand these funds be returned to the state for the security of the people for health care, schools, headstart, veterans benefits and senior needs.

For transportation in Monmouth & Ocean

Counties Call 732-345-8400

Campaign to Save Family Care Health Insurance

Initial Endorsers: Anti-Poverty Network, N.J. Catholic Conference, Central N.J. Coalition for Peace & Justice, NJ Coalition Against the War on Iraq

Endorsement Form: Campaign to Save Family Care Health Insurance
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