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Page last updated January 09, 2003

Do you have children?  Are you looking for an opportunity for them to begin to learn about social responsibility, to expand their musical appreciation and musicianship, to meet and play with other children, all in a fun and exciting atmosphere?

The idea is that our children would meet periodically, once or twice monthly perhaps, with a musical coach or teacher, to learn some old favorite traditional peace songs (and maybe some new ones): The Strangest Dream, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, etc.  Then at local vigils, marches, rallies, etc. the children would lead us in song.  Instrumentalists would be encouraged and trained to provide accompaniment to the singing, a marching beat at marches, background at peace congregations, etc.

The goals of the Youth Peace Choir are several:

1.        It would give us an opportunity to begin to educate our children about their role in participating in the shaping of history and to share one of our interests with out children.

2.        It would add a cultural component to our activities.

3.        The youth leading us in song will provide for media interest and photogenic opportunities.

4.        Our children will have an opportunity to socialize and develop friendships, develop musically and generally have a good time!

If you are possibly interested in participating in such activities, please complete the following information or call Bob Witanek at 908-281-7873.

 Parent(s) (or Guardian(s)) Name(s):

 Child(ren)’s Name(s) (Optional):

 Children’s instruments and music background (if any):




For adult musicians or other adults who are interested in helping to make this proposal happen, please complete the above coupon as well. 

 Hopefully the bipartisan US war plan is thwarted before there becomes much of a need of intensive activities in opposition.  However, my fear is that we are at the edge of an abyss.  This project could be an important cultural component of our efforts.

 Sincerely, Bob Witanek   908-281-7873