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Brandywine Community Calls for Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Resistance to War on Iraq

We've all struggled to stop this war.   Should it start, however, we will resist!   The Iraq Pledge of Resistance will commence throughout the country.Thousands of people who have taken the Iraq Pledge of  Resistance will engage in protest and nonviolent civil disobedience [facing arrest and legal jeopardy] at Federal Buildings and military installations. There cannot be business as usual for a government which tramples on democracy and international law in order to kill thousands and thousands of innocent people for the sake of oil and  power.

Summary of the Planned Philadelphia Area Regional Activation & Action Day Scenario:

If you have signed the Iraq Pledge of Resistance,you will be notified by e-mail when the pledge is activated.  If you have not signed the Iraq Pledge of Resistance - pledging to do nonviolent civil disobedience, facing arrest and legal jeopardy, or pledging to legally protest in support of those doing civil disobedience should Bush's war plans proceed - you can access the pledge and its nonviolent discipline on the Brandywine Peace Community website -



*7pm, Arch St. Friends Meetinghouse, 4th & Arch St., Phila., PA., ,orientation and preparation meeting only for those doing civil disobedience, direct support people within civil disobedience affinity groups, and peacekeepers. If you plan to participate in the next day's civil disobedience you must be at this meeting. For everyone's sake, no one may participate in the civil disobedience by simply showing up the next day for the action.

(Should the U.S. war begin on a Friday or a Saturday, people should come to Arch St. Meetinghouse on Sunday and the pledge action would occur on the next workday, Monday. Should the war begin on a Sunday, people should come to Arch St. Meetinghouse Monday evening, the action would occur on Tuesday.)

* DAY OF ACTION, 7:30am (note time change), re-gather at Arch St.. Friends Meetinghouse for protest walk to and nonviolent civil disobedience (with accompanying demonstration at the Phila.

Federal Building & Courthouse, 6th St.,Phila., PA (for a complete  scenario, a copy of the Iraq Pledge of Resistance and other materials  related to the Iraq Pledge of Resistance, call or e-mail the  Brandywine Peace Community (610-544-1818, e-mail: ) or check our website - www.geocities.com/brandywinepeace)

Phila. Area Coordinator of the Iraq Pledge of Resistance: 

Brandywine Peace Community, P.O. Box 81, Swarthmore, PA 19081 ph. 610-544-1818 e-mail: Steering Committee: Beth Centz, Tom Mullian, Terry Rumsey, Phyllis Grady, Vint Deming, Theresa Camerota, Ray Torres, Katie Murphy, Robert M. Smith (staff, Brandywine Peace Community)

Other Iraq Pledge of Resistance actions are planned for Bethlehem,  PA (LEPOCO, 610-691-8730), Camden, NJ (Greater Camden Unity Coalition, 856-307-1484)and Wilmington, DE. (Pacem in Terris, 302-656-2721)


You are also reminded of the Brandywine Peace Community's Peace Alert (day-after war's start solemn peace response vigil, noon, Phila. City Hall west side, 15th & Market Sts., Phila., PA  At 4:30pm - ANSWER and other groups will hold a response protest at the Phila. Federal Building, 6th & Market Sts., Phila., PA.

At 4:30pm - ANSWER and other groups will hold a response protest at the Phila. Federal Building, 6th & Market Sts., Phila., PA.