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Defend Palestine Solidarity Conference at Rutgers New Brunswick

Article About Gov. McGreevey's Attempts to Repress Conference:

NJ Solidarity Statement on Conference: http://njsolidarity.org/

Please send your own letters to Governor McGreevey and RU President McCormick defending this conference!

Letter from Bob Witanek of Committee to End the Occupation of Iraq:

The following letter was entered at the following URL today:


It was also sent to:

Dear Jim,

As your former paper boy, I have a news announcement for you.  You are clearly overstepping your bounds and throwing the weight of your office around in your attempts to shut down the Palestine solidarity conference at Rutgers New Brunswick.

As a former student activist, I recognize the value of universities and government keeping their mitts off the forums and meetings as sponsored by student organizations of every stripe. 

Comments from your office suggesting that the [solidarity activists] could be advocates of violence when they been murdered by bullets and bulldozers of US backed Israeli occupation soldiers is disingenuous and borders on sophistry.

As the US occupation of Iraq continues and as the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli army threatens to take a brutal turn, as more and more body bags return to the US from the vicious war in Iraq, more and more common US citizens will be turning against these horrendous policies.  We will not be silenced by strong arm tactics of state executive offices.

Your attempt to step on this conference smacks of a dictatorial tendency.  It is not what I envisioned your leadership resulting in when we met a couple of times over our differences of electoral strategies in our attempts to block a sludge incinerator from being located in Carteret New Jersey.

As a "home boy" who went to the same schools and played in the same streets as did you in Carteret, New Jersey, I implore you to step back from the dangerous abyss of trying to micro manage the political aspirations of college students at NJ's state universities.

Hands off free speech and academic freedom!  The students and the people of NJ have a right to resist the horrendous policies of Israel, US support for those policies and more general questions of US war, occupation and counter insurgency in Iraq and elsewhere.  Your attempts to block our organizing efforts will only strengthen our resolve and besmirch your name among a sizable constituency in NJ that opposes the US backed Israeli occupation and US wars in Iraq and elsewhere.



Bob Witanek


cc. Richard L. McCormick, President, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

NJ Solidarity