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Page last updated December 08, 2004

This page will provide pointers to valuable information both within this web site and within that of other sites including information about depleted uranium, municipal resolutions, military recruitment, no child left behind act with the potential for many other types of materials to be provided.  If you have ideas for this page and materials and links that you believe to be valuable to our efforts, please provide those to: .

Election and Education Tool
Democracy In Danger Flyer (35K) from Citizens to Save Our Democracy

No Child Left Behind Act / Military Recruitment
Sample Letter to Paper on Same
Sample Superintendent Letter
Bergen Action Network Activities on No Child / Military Recruitment
High School Organizing Ideas

Outreach to Religious Community
Catholic Letter

Pictures of War

* The 1992 CIA map detailing the location of Iraqi oilfields is located at:
and the ethno-religious make up of the country is illustrated at:

Municipal Resolution

Cities for Peace

Information About Sanctions
Campaign to End the Sanctions
Iraq Action Coalition
Voices in the Wilderness

Bergen County Coalition Calls for Teaching Moratorium Upon U.S. War Escalation

Depleted Uranium Links

United States Labor Against the War 

News Sources:
Democracy Now
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Greg Palast
Guardian UK
Independent (UK / Search on Robert Fisk)
Media Education Foundation
New Jersey Independent Media
PR Watch
The Nation
Tom Paine
War Times
Z Magazine
Z Magazine / Chomsky

Movement Resources (Buttons, Bumpers, Etc.)
Progressive Portal
Syracuse Cultural Workers

Organizational Newsletters
Rise Up and Resist, Montclair State University

News link on WHO report of projected casualties

News link on anti-war opinions of authors of plagiarized British "intelligence" report.

Garbl's Iraq Links