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NJ Labor Against the War

Dear Friends of Peace and Justice,

I have exciting news to report.  We launched the NJ Labor Against the War on Feb. 5, 2003!  The meeting was called on very short notice, and for that we apologize, but the urgency of the situation dictated an emergency meeting.  Although all of you were not able to make it, many of you are already involved and working  on mobilization of NJ Labor to the NYC march and rally against the war next Sat., Feb.15, when hundreds of thousands of people will converge on NYC to stand with millions around the globe against the Bush Administration 's war on Iraq.  I am writing to give you a brief summary of our plans. More information will be forthcoming soon, and we hope you will join us in these efforts.

Our first goal is to get NJ Labor members to join us for the Feb. 15 march and rally against the war.  We need to know immediately what unions, locals, and labor bodies have members who want to to participate.  If your union wants to participate, call me right away.  We will add your local, council, etc. to our leaflet, and get this out  on Monday with all the details.  As you may know, we are still awaiting final plans from the NYC organizers, so we will provide final details as soon as possible.  Call me to include your union as a participant for Sat. Feb. 15.  I can be reached at 732 785-1503 or 732 616-1751 (cell), or notify me with a reply to this e-mail at .  You can also reply by faxing back the attached  form to 609 695-4470.

We plan to plug into the NJ Peace Train events already planned by statewide NJ Peace and Justice coalitions, and will provide details of train schedules and pre-boarding rallies at train stations throughout the state.  For those who come by train, NJ Labor Against the War  will gather outside Penn Station NY ( northwest corner - 33rd and 8th) at 11:30 am and march from there.  Wear you walking shoes and bring signs and banners.  For those who arrive by other means, we will also provide you the details where you can join the Labor Against the War contingent already gathered in NYC.  It will be the biggest labor contingent yet!  So don't miss it!

Within a few days, we will have a website set up for NJ Labor Against the War, as well as a voice mail and e-mail address, so stay tuned.

The next meeting of NJ Labor will take place on Wed. Feb 19 at 6:30 pm in central NJ (details to be announced), and we hope you will join us as we continue our plans to stop the Bush Administraions's mad rush to war.  As you know , workers and their families will be the ones to bear the brunt of Bush's reckless and irresponsible policies.  We must stop this, and we will.  We will send more information, but first we need to hear from you.  ARE YOU WITH US?

In Peace and Solidarity,
Carol Gay, Interim Chair, NJ Labor Against the War