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New Committee in Formation to Oppose US Occupation of Iraq



Please complete this coupon and e-mail it to to indicate your interest in supporting the newly forming Committee to End the Occupation of Iraq.  Below is our proposed statement of purpose.  The statement was drafted at a meeting on Sunday, June 22 in Rocky Hill, New Jersey.  Please feel free to provide your feedback to the statement as well.  We are most interested in working with you in presenting a slide show and open discussion for your organization or in your community on the topic of the US occupation of Iraq.  We look forward to hearing back from you!






I / We are interested in having a workshop on the topic of the US occupation of Iraq.  (You don’t have to do this as an organization.  If you are able to reserve a room in your neighborhood, we are interested in working with you to make this happen.)


I / we am / are interested in becoming member(s) of the COMMITTEE TO END THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ. 


Our organization ________________________ has decided to affiliate with COMMITTEE TO END THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ

Griggstown Public Day Use Area of the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park (New Jersey)

August 9, US Troops Out of Iraq Now! NJ Shore Area Rally





After the Gulf War of 1991 and 12 years of sanctions and low intensity bombing warfare against the nation and people of Iraq, the US has executed a devastating invasion and takeover of Iraq through massive bombardment and invasion by hundreds of thousands of US troops.  While the US administration has declared the “war” to be over, a brutal occupation continues as the US attempts to impose its will and the theft of Iraqi oil upon the Iraqi nation and people.  For its part, the United Nations Security Council has voted unanimously to approve the US takeover Iraq and has actually given complete ownership of Iraqi oil to the US.  US troops regularly shoot, injure and kill dozens of unarmed demonstrators opposing the US presence, carry out midnight raids in which people are killed and hundreds are arrested, arbitrarily set up road blocks and barbed wire barriers and otherwise harass and repress the entire population.  The national museum and library, much of Iraqi infrastructure, hospitals and many communities around Iraq have been looted.  Cholera and malnutrition are rampant and radiation poison is resulting from looted nuclear laboratories. The water and the electricity is not running throughout much of the country and depleted uranium and unexploded ordinance litters the entire nation. 

For their part, the Iraqi people are opposing the occupation in many ways: through massive marches, to sermons in Iraqi mosques, to non-violent blockades of military processions to armed resistance.  Lately, US GIs have are being killed daily as the resistance mounts and families of GIs and the GIs themselves are starting to call for an end to their involvement in the occupation.

The Committee to End the Occupation of Iraq has come together to work to build solidarity with the Iraqi people.  We believe the best way to demonstrate our solidarity and support for the nation and people of Iraq is by demanding that the US withdraw from the occupation of Iraq.  We are united by the following principles:

· Unconditional immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq

· Immediate cessation of all hostile acts of military and economic character

· End of all foreign interference including by the United Nations in the internal affairs of Iraq

· US reparations for all destruction of Iraqi infrastructure as a result of the US military sanctions, bombing and invasions including environmental remediation and clean up of depleted uranium and dangerous unexploded ordinance that litters the entire nation.

· We support the unconditional sovereign rights of the Iraqi people to determine their own future.


We plan a campaign of action around these principles and goals to be inclusive of but not limited to the following:


bullet We invite individuals and organizations to join the committee.  We would like to present to your organizations a workshop including a slide show and discussion on the occupation and our plans to oppose it to your group or committee.  Afterwards, we invite your group to join and become part of the committee.  Please complete the above coupon if you are interested in helping organize a workshop on the US occupation of Iraq for your organization.
bullet We are planning a picnic for the weekend of July 19 – 20 or 26 – 27 in the central NJ area, mark you calendars.  Fun will be had by all.
bullet We are proposing a week of Iraq solidarity for September 19 – 27, with activities to include vigils, demonstrations, public leafleting, educational events, etc.
bullet We are planning to present workshops around the US occupation of Iraq at as many high schools and colleges as possible during the month of September.
bullet We will be preparing an 8 page newspaper about the US occupation of Iraq with information on the many aspects of the US occupation,  The deadline for the newspaper will be August 23.  The goal is to have it ready for September.
bullet We will be setting up a new website.
bullet The slide show presentation we are using will soon be available as a power point presentation for a small donation.  We will provide text for the slides as well.  The idea if for each of us to become “expert” enough to continue to present on the topic to audiences large and small.  We can also make copies of the slide presentation for traditional slide projectors as well.


If you have suggestions of articles or are interested in writing articles for a newspaper or reader on the US occupation of Iraq, please contact:

US Occupation of Iraq: Curious “Liberation”

Grand Theft Oil!

All the lies of the US administration in its drive to coerce the rest of the world to endorse its takeover and occupation of Iraq and the second world’s largest and probably its most valuable supply of oil are now exposed.  There were no weapons of mass destruction.  There was no active nuclear weapons program.  There is no Iraqi tie to 9-11.  And the Iraqi people certainly are not liberated by their new re-colonizers!  The US clearly has been motivated by grand theft of  the oil supply, global economic competition and strategic military basing in its aggressive seizure and colonization of the Iraqi nation.  It is US oil and related companies who are already reaping billions in profits from the oil industry in Iraq – the total oil prize in Iraq is estimated at $1 trillion.

Looting of Iraq

The US occupiers have sat back and watched, even encouraged, the looting of the treasures of the national museum – which contained some of the oldest known artifacts from the cradle of civilization, the national library, many hospitals, most of the government ministries with the noted exception being the oil ministry which was well protected by foreign (US) usurpers.  Untold numbers of people have perished and been severely hurt by the wanton hooliganism that has prevailed since the takeover under the watchful and complacent eye of occupying foreigners.  Perhaps the US has allowed the situation to deteriorate to such a horrendous level so that Iraqis and others around the world would demand a heavier hand and call for a lengthier occupation by the foreign powers.  Already, the US is using the lawlessness as an excuse to delay the transition to government by the hand picked lackeys that the US hopes to install.  Of course, the biggest looters of all are the US administration who have stolen the nation and its oil.

Shoot to Kill?

For a short time, the US occupation authorities had announced a shoot to kill policy ostensibly to deal with looters (whom they have allowed to rule the streets) but more likely the looting was to be used as a pretext for an aggressive assassination campaign.  However, the US then announced that it was withdrawing the shoot to kill plan.  Do not be surprised to see the shoot to kill policies surface again.  Already, there have been several incidents where US occupiers have opened fire killing numerous unarmed demonstrators who were opposing the US occupation.

Radiation sickness

One sad chapter of the ongoing looting is the sacking of several nuclear labs around Iraq.  In some neighborhoods around such labs, alarming levels of radiation is being detected and doctors are reporting a rash of radiation disease.  Some unknowing residents have used barrels – dumped of their radioactive materials – to store food and water for drinking and cooking.  There is also about 20% of nuclear materials unaccounted for from some such labs raising the danger that the materials could be used in the construction of “dirty bombs” – so the US takeover while doing nothing to stop non-existent weapons of mass destruction has actually liberated materials that can be used by who knows who to create such deadly weapons!


In much of the country, water is still not running (after being disrupted by US bombing!).  Iraq had already suffered a heightened level of deaths among children from cholera and other water borne diseases due to damage to its water systems from the 1991 US war on Iraq and the sanctions which denied Iraq many materials needed to refurbish the bombed out water plants.  Now there have been reports of a rash of cholera among Iraqi children yet follow up reports have not been forthcoming.  There is also the threat of severe under nourishment due to the chaos of the US occupation.

Unexploded Ordinance / Depleted Uranium

Many Iraqis are dying or becoming seriously hurt from the unexploded cluster bombs that litter the nation.  As resulted from the 1991 US war on Iraq, thousands of Iraqi will suffer and many will die from exposure to Depleted Uranium which the US uses in much of its ammunition.  The DU will likely cause suffering and death among US Gis on occupation duty.

GIs Perishing / Resistance Building

There has been a recent spike in the number of US GIs who have died in ambushes and other conflict with Iraqis.  While the US is blaming the attacks on “Saddam Loyalists” there have been massive demonstrations since the US seized Baghdad against the “US occupiers.”  Recently, a young Iraqi woman tossed a grenade at US troops and was gunned down.  She is now heralded in mosques throughout Iraq as a legendary hero.  In response to the arrests of several Shiite religious leaders, a leaflet was handed out warning of a pending “intifada” against the US occupiers should the arrests continue.  And then, after a day of US raids on homes of numerous Iraqi, in the town of Hit, an uprising began with demonstrations by hundreds, turning into thousands and ended in the withdrawal of US troops and the torching of the local police station.

Chalabi – Thief

The favored son of the US administration, the one who US hopes to hand pick as the colonial overlord of its newly acquired vast petrol resources is none other than convicted thief Ahmed Chalabi – who was indeed convicted of pilfering hundreds of millions from banks in Jordan.  Who better to usher in the international oil thieves.

UN Hand in Glove w/ Theft of Nation

While some in the peace movement have called for a greater UN role in the occupation of Iraq, the UN Security Council has voted unanimously (with one absent member) to endorse the US invasion and takeover of Iraq and the US and UK control of Iraqi oil.  This insidious vote by the institution which maintained sanctions described as “genocidal” by a former senior UN official who was charged in their administration, exposes the total bankruptcy in the call by many for a UN role in Iraq.  The UN votes have been counted and they have sided with the aggressive military super power who has usurped and appropriated the entire country, lock, stock and a billion oil barrels.

US Occupation of Iraq Must End Immediately and Unconditionally

It is impossible to innumerate all of the crimes and bunglings of the US occupiers of Iraq.  The entire situation is free falling into an abyss and a torrent of Iraqi resistance is likely to follow.  Lt. Gen. David McKiernan is announcing that the “war” is not over and he is calling for more troop deployment and reporting daily battles throughout Iraq.  It is our job to raise the demand of complete, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US military forces from Iraq.  Our demand must be clear and forthright: IMMEDIATE, UNCONDITIONAL AND TOTAL US WITHDRAWAL FROM IRAQ!

New committee to oppose US occupation of Iraq?

We hereby propose the formation of a new committee to work in solidarity with the people of Iraq.  We need to make clear that our work is not done until US troops are removed from Iraq and Iraq is free of foreign occupiers.  We have seen the results of foreign occupation in the Israeli occupation of West Bank and Gaza and we certainly do not want to see a repeat of such events in Iraq.  As a committee we would:

bullet hold monthly forums and discussions around the issue of the occupation and related issues.  We would like to target the weekend of June 21-22 or 28-29 to formalize a working committee against the occupation – details to be announced.
bullet plan for a week of demonstrations against the occupation in September, 2003
bullet plan for educational activities in September against the occupation on as many college campuses and in high schools as possible
bullet serve as a clearinghouse to develop slides, written materials and other resources on the topic of the US occupation
bullet work together with groups opposing US and US backed aggression in such places as Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Cuba, Palestine, Korea, Philippines, Colombia and elsewhere.

For more on this potential new committee in formation, please contact Bob Witanek (908-281-7873 or 908-881-5275) and Robert Allen