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Draft Municipal Resolution
Page last updated February 25, 2003

Whereas, Fanny Lou Hamer's birthday was October 7... and she was a foremost fighter for civil rights and a foreign policy that put Peace First by opposing the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that gave the President unchecked power to make war against Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia

Whereas, Dr. Martin Luther King called for non-violent resolution to conflicts and opposed the war in Vietnam

Whereas, billions of dollars are spent annually to make weapons of mass destruction in this country, at the expense of good schools, adequate nutrition, full health care, decent housing and upgraded infrastructure (roads, sewer, water, transportation systems) in this country

Whereas, the President has been given authorization to make war against Iraq

Whereas, such a war will not deter terrorism, but will cause it to fester and expand

Whereas, no links to Al-Quaeda have been founding in Iraq; in fact, the hijackers who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were from Saudi Arabia -- one of our allies in the region

Whereas, young people from New Jersey's cities will be the first to go to war and the last to come home

Whereas, the last Gulf War resulted in 10,000 cases of cancers among the veterans and an untold number of birth defects among their children

Whereas, modern war, once unleashed, has a disproportionate ill affect on the general populations of residents

Whereas, depleted uranium is now built into weapons and bunker buster bombs, leaving low level radiation over the battlefield and contaminating entire regions

Whereas, the United States needs to resolve conflicts peaceably, and not with weapons,

We therefore call upon all of Congress and the President of the United States to create a Department of Peace, to convert our war budget into a peace budget, honor international law and to enter into immediate good-faith negotiations to end conflicts with Iraq and other nations.

For more on municipal resolutions:  http://www.ips-dc.org/citiesforpeace