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Page last updated December 08, 2004

This page is be utilized for several purposes:
1. To provide a sampling of the positions of various organizations around the state and possibly nation.
2. To provide material for those organizations who would like to generate statements for distribution.
3. To encourage a friendly debate between various tendencies within the anti-war movement in NJ.

The preference would be for us to provide links to materials on your own sites.  That way you can maintain your own statements and there is less effort on our part.  However, not everyone has a web site and there could be valuable information and perspectives by some not so endowed.  If you have a statement that you think could be valuable to our efforts, simply send the materials (or URL) to .

Please be advised that the NJ Coalition Against War on Iraq is united by the simple position of opposition to any attack or U.S. war on Iraq.  While many groups and individuals that are part of our efforts have more elaborate perspectives, some offering alternatives to war, some urging that the movement demand a lifting of sanctions, an end to the ongoing bombings and withdrawal of U.S. forces from the region and others linking the issue of the war to other issues like reparations or a comprehensive Middle East solution.  The opinions in these statements might not represent those of the coalition.

There is another page that we are developing further to provide materials – not necessarily opinions on the situation but information about local council resolutions, depleted uranium, counter military recruitment, etc.  If you have materials to provide, please send us the links or content as well to .

The following are some of the statements representing various perspectives on the U.S. war on Iraq:

Statement(s) by Coalition for Peace Action

Alternatives to War
Let Inspectors Work

Statement(s) by Madelyn Hoffman of NJ Peace Action
On Shock and Awe

Statement(s) by Lawrence Hamm of People’s Organization for Progress:
African Americans Must Embrace Anti-War Movement
King Opposed War in Viet Name - We Must Oppose War on Iraq

Statement(s) by Ron Washington of Black Telephone Workers for Justice
Reparations Not War

Statement(s) by Dr. Sonja Ebron
Why Blacks Should Oppose the War

Statement(s) by Bob Witanek of SPEAK OUT AGAINST US WAR ON IRAQ!
The Blood of How Many Children?
Lift the Sanctions, Stop the Bombing, Withdraw US Forces
Opinion on Move On “Let Inspections Work” Effort

Draft Statement of purpose of SPEAK OUT AGAINST US WAR ON IRAQ!

Statement(s) by Robert Allen of Campaign to End the Sanctions
Coalition of the Willing / Invasion Already Under Way

Statement(s) by Michael Parenti
To Kill Iraq: The Reasons Why

Statement(s) by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:
Beyond Vietnam, April 4, 1967, Address Delivered to Clergy and Laity Concerned About Vietnam at Riverside Church, NYC

Statement(s) by Michael Letwin of NYCLAW:
January 18 Presentation

Statement by Students and Youth Against Racism at Penn State U

Statement by Ralph Nader on Oil and Iraq War

Statement by Arundhati Roy, Confronting Empire

CAIRO DECLARATION: Against U.S. Hegemony and War on Iraq and In Solidarity with Palestine 

Statements at United for Peace

Labor Statements
Albany (New York) Central Federation of Labor
California Federation of Teachers
CWA Local 1180 (New York City)
Philadelphia Track Workers
San Francisco Labor Council
Teamsters Local 705
Washington State AFL-CIO
List of labor organizations opposing war on Iraq

Black Unity Statement: Maximize Black Participation!

Audre Lorde Project: LGBTST Communities Opposing War 

Not In Our Name Statement

National Organization for Women Statements
Feminists Say No to War!

ANSWER Statement Against Sectarianism

Statements on Special Registrations

Statement by Parastou Hassouri of ACLU-NJ