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Official Statement of the BLACK TELEPHONE  WORKERS FOR JUSTICE Opposing Any War On Iraq
Page last updated July 14, 2004


Black telephone workers have joined the growing chorus of people opposed to the war mongering of the illegal Bush-Cheney regime. We, along with many others, see through the lame excuses made by the Bush-Cheney oil barons for attacking Iraq. We say “money for reparations, not for war.”

The Iraqi government has no established connection to the terrorist attack of 911. Any unilateral attack against the Iraqi people would be a clear violation of international law and clear evidence that the Bush-Cheney regime is nothing but an imperial North American bully.

We Black workers know the Bush-Cheney regime well. Bush is the illegal president, son of the rich former President, former racist Texas executioner, and oil puppet,” forced upon the American people by the US oil barons.

Cheney was one of the most racist Congressmen ever in the history of the US. He voted against every piece of civil rights legislation while in Congress. In addition he was an avid supporter of the racist apartheid government in South Africa and even went so far as to oppose the release from prison of Nelson Mandela.  How could Black workers possibly march into battle under the leadership of such a criminally racist regime?   

We call on Black workers, Black people, Black soldiers and all justice minded people to oppose any war against Iraq. Its time to bring back the slogan, “HELL NO, WE WON’T GO!”

And as for Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice, we join with Harry Belafonte and condemn them for being two of the biggest house-negroes ever in the history of the African-

American people. They have placed their own narrow self interests above the interests of the African-American people and must be called out for such. We support Harry Bellafonte’s condemnation.

We call on Black telephone workers in particular and all Black workers in general to join with the Congressional Black Caucus, Danny Glover, Martin Luther King III, and many others in opposing the criminal attempts of the Bush-Cheney regime to drag the American people into a war that will kill working people and fatten the pockets of the oil barons.


Adopted unanimously at the October 29, 2002 general membership meeting.

Please send endorsements to:
Ron Washington,President, Black Telephone Workers for Justice
176 Belmont Ave.
JerseyCity, NJ 07304

201 435 3362

Or email response to: