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Resolution Against the War
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 705

Whereas, we value the lives of our sons and daughters, of our brothers and sisters more than Bush’s control of Middle East oil profits;

Whereas, we have no quarrel with the ordinary working-class men,women, and children of Iraq who will suffer the most in any war;

Whereas, the billions of dollars being spent to stage and execute this invasion, means billions taken away from our schools, hospitals, housing, and social security;

Whereas, Bush’s drive for war serves as a cover and a distraction for the sinking economy, corporate corruption, lay-offs, Taft-Hartley (used against the locked out ILWU longshoremen);

Whereas, Teamsters Local 705 is known far and wide as fighters for justice;

Be it Resolved that Teamsters Local 705 stands firmly against Bush’s drive for war;

Further Resolved that the Teamsters Local 705 Executive Board publicize this statement, and seek out other unions, labor and community activists interested in promoting anti-war activity in the labor movement and community.