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Youth Statement to NJ -Assembly Veteran Affairs Committee


Though it seems like there's not much we can do to stop our country from being plunged into an illegitimate and pre-emptive war that will only increase danger for Americans and the world, we should at least, you know, speak out.

Plus, there's some good news. In addition to the millions of us protesting in the streets, labor unions and state and local governments around the country are passing anti-war resolutions.

Here in New Jersey, Assemblyman Matt Ahearn, a veteran, a Green, and Vice Chair of the NJ Assembly Military and Veteran Affairs Committee, is preparing to introduce an anti-war resolution in the legislature. If Ahearn's colleagues in Trenton share his integrity and courage, New Jersey would become the second state to pass an anti-war resolution (after Maine). This would be a powerful message to the warmongers in Washington.

But first, we need to send a powerful message to the Military and Veteran Affairs Committee and let them know that we are in support of Matt Ahearn's efforts. Hundreds of student and youth activists around New Jersey are joining together to send a letter to Ahearn and the other members of the Military and Veteran Affairs Committee supporting a meaningful anti-war resolution that opposes war against Iraq even if Bush & Co. manipulate the UN Security Council into going along with their plans.

If you would like your name to appear on the letter (below), please email   with your name, school, city, and organization (if applicable) by Tuesday February 25th. If you'd like to be updated on the progress of this effort, please include your phone number and email address.

Also, check out nowarnj.org and www.ssc.org/nj/iraq for the latest on New Jersey student and youth anti-war activism. And if you're interested in getting your student government or city council to pass an anti-war resolution, check out www.citiesforpeace.org.

Peace! Greg Laynor 




We are New Jersey students and youth who are concerned about the situation in Iraq. 

We are concerned about terrorism, and so we oppose a war against Iraq that would be more likely to provoke terrorism than prevent it.

We are concerned about the people of Iraq, and so we oppose a war against Iraq that would starve and kill even more Iraqi civilians on top of the estimated hundreds of thousands who have died because of the sanctions and bombings that have been going on since the Gulf War.

We are concerned about weapons of mass destruction, and so we oppose a war against Iraq that would provoke use of weapons of mass destruction (if possible) by Saddam Hussein against American troops.  Because we are concerned about terrorism, the people of Iraq, and weapons of mass destruction, we are outraged at how our nation is being pushed towards a war that would cause terrorism - not reduce it, that would kill innocent Iraqi civilians - not liberate them, that would encourage Iraq to use weapons of mass destruction - not disarm Iraq.

And so we are concerned about the situation here in the United States of America.

We have been taught in school that America is a democracy. Today it just seems like we have been told a big lie.

We have been taught that when citizens stand up, their elected officials are supposed to listen. Very few elected officials seem to be listening. Where have all the leaders gone?

Why are politicians ignoring the real needs of Americans and instead trying to scare us into a counterproductive and potentially catastrophic war?

You tell us that we are the future. So now we are telling you: if you do indeed care about us and our future, the future of New Jersey, the future of America, and the future of the world, stand with us and show leadership.

We are looking to you to stand with us as we struggle to keep our sisters and brothers in the military from being sent to kill our sisters and brothers in Iraq and provoke terrorism against our families here at home. As your constituents, we urge you to introduce an anti-war resolution in the New Jersey General Assembly.

Anti-war resolutions have been passed by the Maine state legislature and local governments across the country, including Jersey City, Newark, Patterson, and Princeton. Many other municipalities are currently considering anti-war resolutions, including Bloomfield, Collingswood, Lambertville, Lawrence, Maplewood, and Montclair. New Jersey labor organizations are also passing anti-war resolutions, including the Bergen County Central Trades & Labor Council, Burlington County Central Labor Council, South Jersey Central Labor Council, and New Jersey Industrial Union Council.

We are asking you to support an anti-war resolution

supporting a far more practical and responsible means of disarming Iraq of any weapons of mass destruction than bloody and costly invasion and occupation: a multilateral diplomatic approach providing the time and resources needed for United Nations weapons inspections in Iraq to be thorough and effective. A meaningful resolution should oppose war even if the UN Security Council goes along with the Bush administration's plans for war.

Though it is hard not to be cynical and pessimistic these days, we hope that you will hear the voices around the state, nation, and world calling for peace and security rather than war and terror. We hope that you will hear our voices because an illegitimate, immoral, and impractical war against Iraq is sure to win something - an ugly future.




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